In less than 24 hours, Cardi B throws a microphone at a fan who throws a drink at her mid-performance…

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Cardi B throws microphone at concertgoer who tossed drink at her onstage

Several hours after throwing a microphone at a DJ in Las Vegas, Cardi B was pictured throwing a microphone at an audience member who threw a drink at her.

In a video posted to Pop Base Twitter on Saturday, the 30-year-old WAP hitmaker was seen throwing the microphone after getting splashed by a fan’s drink.

She hasn’t been shy about using her microphone for anything other than singing this weekend – she just released a new song with her husband Offset called Jealousy.

On the night prior, Cardi was performing at Drai’s Beach Club when the DJ allegedly cut off her songs too early.

User kfen777 shared a video to social media showing the entertainer shouting out her name before turning around and throwing the microphone as if it were a football at the DJ.

While performing on stage in the daylight hours, Cardi, born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, wears a busty orange dress.

But the rapper quickly transformed into a fastball-throwing southpaw and launched the microphone at the woman.

A spray of liquid from a drink cup in the audience suddenly hits her in the face while she is singing her 2018 hit Bodak Yellow.

Cardi appears shocked for a brief moment before swinging into action and throwing the microphone at someone in the audience, probably the drink-tosser.

Meanwhile, her song’s soundtrack and vocals continue to play in the background.

As security appears to handle the crowd situation, Cardi fixes her hair.

Before the star performed in Las Vegas, fans reportedly waited two hours in 112 degree heat.

In response to the excessive heat in Sin City, the hip hop star reportedly asked fans to throw water on her.

Prior to the microphone incident, she was seen barefoot on stage performing her smash hit I Like It in a neon yellow mini dress.

The set ended with Cardi throwing the mic and leaving the stage after a confetti celebration.

Several confused users asked, ‘What happened? There’s no context…”

Video poster explained: ‘DJ cut multiple songs short! She was livid (as you can see)’ with a laughing out crying emoji.