The local ‘American Outlaws’ chapter thrives during the World Cup

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Local ‘American Outlaws’ chapter thrives during World Cup

The local ‘American Outlaws’ chapter thrives during the World Cup

As the national anthem plays before the United States’ World Cup match against Vietnam on Friday night in Harrisburg, fans inside Mr. G’s on Sixth Street stand with their hands over their hearts.

Kevin Broniak said, “We always look forward to World Cup times this time of year..

Mr. G’s is the home bar of the Harrisburg chapter of the American Outlaws, the official fan group of the U.S. Men’s and Women’s national teams.

“I was in Doha for 30 days, attending 20 games, from the opening ceremonies to the third place match, to the finals,” said Sarah Vogelsong. “It’s the universal sport and I’m glad it’s back on TV.

It’s 80 degrees outside, but inside, fans put on their scarves to cheer on Team USA. Some hug familiar faces, almost like a family reunion. While others may be meeting for the first time, soccer makes them fast friends.

“Soccer is family. It is,” Vogelsong said. “We have great youth soccer clubs. We have great colleges. Messiah College is a big part of this area, seeing them win national championships. We have the City Islanders and Harrisburg Heat. The area really burgeons.”

It will be a busy time for the American Outlaws over the next few years as soccer’s impact is felt across the country, including here in south-central Pennsylvania, the home of Christian Pulisic.

A lot of tournaments are coming up for the men and women, said Broniak. We have a big tournament coming up for the men in ’26, a big tournament in ’24, and another one in ’25. “There’s a lot of excitement coming to soccer here, and we’re growing.”

Those dates may be further down the road, but this group already has plans for their next get-together.

“We have a great chapter here,” says Broniak. “If you live near Lancaster, we have a great chapter there as well.”

You can come into Mr. G’s to check out the information or meet us on Wednesday night for the next Women’s World Cup game,” Vogelsong said.

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