WWE: Roman Reigns backstage preparing for matches is fascinating to watch

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Roman Reigns backstage getting ready for WWE matches

Backstage footage of Roman Reigns preparing for WWE matches is amazing to watch

Roman Reigns is no stranger to titles, having been connected to such greats as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

One of the cornerstones in his illustrious career so far has been the feud with Jey Uso.

The Tribal Chief has continued to dominate the WWE world since returning from hiatus in 2020. To the point that Hollywood’s calls become too deafening, Reigns has been touted as having all the necessary elements to topple the greats, including the likes of John Cena.

With his cameos in the Fast & the Furious series, one can see how the American would fit in with the big boys in Hollywood.

On the WWE stage, however, there is no doubt. The world champion has proven he can certainly deliver a punch.

It is no secret that Roman Reigns is related to some of the greatest wrestlers in World Wrestling Entertainment, including Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

His feud with Jey Uso has been one of the cornerstones of his illustrious career so far.

Having returned from his hiatus back in 2020, The Tribal Chief has continued to dominate the WWE industry. So much so that Reigns has been hailed as having all the necessary components to topple the greats, including the likes of John Cena from the charts. This is unless Hollywood’s calls become too deafening.

The American looks, has the strength, and has the attitude to do well in both. As for Hollywood, his cameos in Fast & Furious show he could fit in with the big boys.

The world champion, however, has proven he is capable of landing a punch on the WWE stage.

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Roman Reigns backstage getting ready for WWE matches

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How does The Head of the Table prepare to devour his next victim?

A recent post on The Tribal Chief’s social media page has finally given us a little insight into how Reigns prepares for the big stage.

Those who’ve seen Reigns on stage know he’s a slick target. One minute you have him, the next, he just slips away. He does his first task in preparation to doze a few sprays of the good stuff. He shines for the cameras when he greases up his biceps, but it’s hard to get his hands on them.

Even referees find time to joke around with him, as he keeps things pretty chill.

He puts on the glove next, a tight, snug fit ready to deliver some smackdowns, an essential feature to remain at the top.

In WWE, it’s not just about looking good, it’s about delivering on that look by winning matches.

During pre-match warm ups, Reigns does a few pushups before stretching his joints to loosen them up.

After the body is taken care of, Reigns finds a few moments to sit in silence as he prepares to take to the stage with a clear vision of how he will win the match.

With the championship belt adorning his body, he is ready to take on the next opponent and walks onto the stage with confidence.

Having recently taken to the stage alongside Solo Sikoa and been pinned by cousin Jey Uso in a first since 2019 during the ‘Bloodline Civil War’ tag team match, it is unclear what Reigns will do to spice up the program. It might be enough to apply a couple more layers of grease.

With all the titles the routine has led to, maybe the taste of revenge will be enough to reverse the tables next time.